Friday, February 5, 2010

Face Meets Glass Scale

Oh, the joy of boys. I wanted to share our latest adventure. This evening, my older son decided (for whatever reason) to run through the house with our glass scale. My younger son was running in the opposite direction and met the scale head on. Bam! We ran into the bedroom, and my little one was laying flat on the floor. Blood was gushing from his mouth. He had two gashes on his lip and a bloody tooth. I tried to ice the cuts, but that was an impossible task. He wiggled and screamed. Within a minute, he was back to playing like nothing had happened. I ran to the corner drug store to pick up popsicles. You should have seen the pharmacist's face when I explained that my toddler was hit in the face with a glass scale. Hopefully, it will heal. I'm sure it's just one of many fat lips, cuts and bruises that we can look forward to with two boys. Happy Friday night!


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  2. Boys certainly make life interesting!

    Alis Hope



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