Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Mess of Boys

I am amazed at the mess my boys can create.
They are miniature tornadoes that devastate a room in minutes. 
Just a typical day in our household...

My little one "fed" the fish. Have you ever tried to vacuum fish food. Not fun!

Then, he took fistfuls of dirt out of the planter... just because.

My older one created an outfit from his brother's diapers.

He unraveled a roll of toilet paper and stuffed his brother's shirt to make him look fat.

On top of that, he cut green construction paper into strips to make "grass" for our family room,

I'm cursing the Easter Bunny for putting a bath crayon in the Easter Basket.
I'm sure he thought it was a great alternative to sweet treats, but those things should be banned.
Now, I'm off to clean bath art off of the Jacuzzi tub!


  1. haha, I LOVE it!!!! so funny!
    Hey, I commented after you on SITS, so it brought me here, so glad too, because I'm lovin it! Just became a follower.

  2. I'm from SITS, too, and this is too funny!

    I also just became a follower and I can't wait to read more!

  3. Ha! I've never seen a diaper outfit before. At least he's creative.

    I'm stopping by from SITS. We're happy to have you.

  4. Oh wow! I thought I had it bad with my 2 girls!



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